Self Introduction in IACHI Newsletter Jun 2017


Hello dear Chiron Family,

I am Connie Lo from Taiwan. My Chiron journey started around 2005, that's the year when Chiron healing first came to Taiwan. Since then not only through attend to the workshop I also helped to do some works like edit or translate the manuals or organise the workshop etc till now. I wasn't really sure about becoming a teacher until I came across the path of Chrone around 2012 which I highly resonate with. I felt teaching Chrone is my true calling, so I kept moving forward toward to this target after I became a practitioner in 2014, and finally made it came true in 2016. It really opened my passion for teaching. A very rewarding journey.

I was elected as a committee member in 2014, the year I attended to the gathering for the first time, because at that time, as the growing of our Taiwan Chiron family, I felt the need that we should develop a more solid and deeper connection between each other. So in a sense, my role in the committee is to be the bridge between Taiwan and Australian Chiron family physically and energetically, to deal with the needs and make more wonderful things and connections happen. Taiwan gathering is one of the main thing I think. It's also a family thing for all, not just for Taiwan, so let's looking forward the next one in early 2018. And your participant in any kind of way would be appreciated.

Although I'm still in my learning carve as a committee member, I feel really grateful for being able to serve and work with other wonderful committee members. Now I'm looking forward to expand the Mandarin Chiron family to Hong Kong area etc. I am happy to serve as much as possible.

Thank you!

Connie Lo