My 2016 Chiron Healing Gathering Journey.

To me, this year might be really a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

The reason is, ever since I became a Chiron teacher last year, in addition to do my own co-teach processed in Taiwan and Hong Kong, before I came to Melbourne this time, I also have been through each process and requirement of the practitioner qualification again with my student, which are almost about 30 workshops/seminars.

In the first so-called Taiwan repeat gathering in mid September between 2 tropic storms, I really learned about how huge the energy of a gathering to be held. Because the way we organised here in Taiwan is very different from in Australia, that it seemed like a workshop, but in essence it was really not. The gathering energy there was still as it should be, maybe in a smaller scale,  and it was very challenging to me. Fortunately I still got great supports from teachers like Heiko, Margot, Larraine, Barbara, Gwynneth and Karen, and all Taiwan Chiron students and make it really happen as we wished. Thanks everyone who has been part of it. Without Heiko's vividly touching presentation and Margot's practical way of teaching and well-grounded energy, and all the other supports and helps as well, it was just impossible. I am still kind of couldn't believe that. I am really appreciate that. Especially in the end I made a house of spirit on my own. I never made something like that before, and was worried a lot about that, and lots of what-ifs. Anyway I hope every attendee has enjoyed. And as I said in the original proposal, I hope this Taiwan gathering is a good start point, and I wish the coming next one the energy would come into its own more fully.

And then, as all these came to a completion gradually, one month later, I went through another big journey to this Australian Chiron Healing Gathering. For the first time I went with my student together from Taiwan, and have presented the essential Chrone session as a newbie Chrone teacher in the motherland of Chiron Healing. Again, more whole new experiences this time of course. 

In teacher's day, thanks for every teacher's sharing about their own precious experiences with Chiron 1, no matter it's from their times with Jan or from their own life or teaching experiences. Thats really a great learning for the new generation and oversea teacher such as myself. I do appreciate that. 

And about joining this gathering, first of all, as to my first presentation about Chrone, it was really an unforgattable experience. It's a good thing that Chrone is about feeling without the interference of mind and words, I really hope I had guided everyone into the energy of Chrone/Herstory. Chrone is the natural state I always be, but when it comes to teach in front of a group of people, it's really a very different state. Also, as a extremely sensitive Chrone, Now normally I am quite ok to open up and connect deeply with a rather smaller group, but to stay centered and connected with so much people and Source/Aesc in herstory to teach at the same time with another language was new to me. It was another story. I was glad I did it till the end anyway instead of running away. And I found out it really helped with the earth element behind me when teaching. I wish I could manage that well next time. 

But when we proceeded to the next session about the Katabatic essences, I was totally overwhelmed by the energy then. It seems like everything every experiences that has built up for the past year now has come to a point that need to be heal or release. Thanks for those teachers who came to encourage me and helped me put back together . It was the first time I realised how strong the energy of essences can be. Before the energy I experienced was more gentle or subtle, much easier to handle. But this time it made me feel like that I really came a long long way to this moment, this point, for this to happen and to experience it in another level, just like I repeated so much workshops this year but actually I was delve into a different level from each same workshops. I've also got some nice, kind and helpful feedbacks from some teachers afterward. It's really my honour to present together with you all great teachers. Very grateful. 

Beside my own session, I was really impressed by all the sessions presented by each well-experienced teachers and enjoyed very much. There was so much for me to feel and learned. And it seemed like my time flowed much slower than everybody else's, two days of happy time really gone very fast. I wish I had been more present then. Everyone were all busy connecting with everybody as possible, or chasing time and people, or rush back and forth while had lots of colouring handcrafts to do. It was really fun, I like them. In the end although I felt really tired, I was still not ready to say goodbye. That made me feel that I really hope we could have spend more time together and get to connect with everybody more. Maybe there's a possibility that we could run a 3 day gathering next time, or have a pre night or afterward party. Simply because I felt I want to spend more happy time with everyone in person, not just for the learning or teaching in the gathering.

To sum up, go joining this Gathering is another extraordinary experience. As you might feel now, somehow this past year became a heavy loading year of learning and growth to me, I didn't expect that, and it's not really about the certificate thing though. Each workshop or event is like a small trip, and they actually are self-discovery and deep cleansing processes. And to me it was more like a Chrone journey, and I also understand it's a huge privilege. But sometimes I would still feel why I have to be like this? What is the purpose? It feels like I was pushed to go through these. For all these questions, I just know it's not like as it looks. And I can't say it was easy. In the end, I realised, maybe the process is the purpose, it's nothing to do with what you would gain or the worthiness. In fact, after back to Taiwan, I can feel the energy is still going on, I am still feeling them. This gathering is about truly becoming a butterfly. I hope I has been through the stage of caterpillar after this gathering. Now travel to Australia to join the gathering has became a my yearly event. I don't know where Chrone will lead me to next time. And that's fine. 

I wish I could put my feelings into words better. And I especially want to thank Karen, Heiko and Margot who has guide me and Hu through the journey in different stage of this year. I really learned a lot, no matter as a student or as a teacher or a Chrone who guide the coming generation. I might be a eternal student, and I'd love to. I am looking forward the coming journey ahead, and thank you all for being part of it. Hope we can create some more beautiful energies and moments together in the future.

Love and hugs.

Constance (Connie) Lo, Nov 2nd, Taipei.

本文投稿於2016年IACHI 11月電子報