本文版權為國際凱龍治療師公會International Association of Chiron Healers Inc.(IACHI)所有,轉載請註明出處。

International Association of Chiron Healers Inc.

Code of Ethics


1. 凱龍治療®是根據愛因斯坦的學說,認為一切物質均是能量的表現,並將人體視為一個與物質/細胞系統交互運作的複雜能量場網絡。

Chiron Healing® is based on the Einsteinian paradigm that recognises all matter as an expression of energy, and sees the human body as a network of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems.

2. 凱龍治療®是一種能讓身體的精微能量系統恢復平衡與和諧的方法,透過運用獨特形式的乙太能量正向影響那些可能出於肉體的,情緒的,心理的或精神上的原因而失衡的系統。凱龍治療師使用純淨的能量重新平衡能量場,進而調節細胞的生理作用,在更高層次的人體運作上促進機能平衡。

Chiron Healing® is that method of restoring balance and harmony to the subtle energy systems of the body through the use of specialised forms of etheric energy to positively affect those systems that may be out of balance due to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reasons. By using pure energy to re-balance the energy fields that help to regulate cellular physiology, Chiron Healers facilitate the restoration from a higher level of human functioning.

3. 凱龍治療®不涉及任何疾病的診斷或治療,並且不宣稱可取代傳統醫療。

Chiron Healing® is not involved with the diagnosis and treatment of any disease or illness, and does not claim to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment.


1. 會員必須依據此份經由委員會核准之守則對其扮演的專業角色自我約束。

A member must conduct her/himself in his professional role in accordance with this code as approved by the Committee.

2. 會員進行的所有服務與活動必須符合此專業守則規定。

All services and functions practised by a member must be provided in accordance with this code.

3. 每位會員無論在專業與公共生活領域上應以建立高標準的品性與責任感為目標,並努力以各種方式提供客戶滿意的服務。

It should be the aim of every member to establish and maintain high standards of  behaviour and responsibility in both professional and public life and to endeavour in every way to render satisfactory service to their clients.

4. 會員必須維持其專業知識與執業品質在可接受的滿意水準上。每位會員應將藉由掌握凱龍治療®最新資訊與發展狀況以增強其知識與工作效率,應視更新當前已證明為有價值的技術與方法為己任。

A member must maintain his/her knowledge and practice at an acceptable level of competence. Every member should consider it his/her duty to increase his/her knowledge and efficiency by keeping up to date with the latest information and developments in Chiron Healing® and adopting current techniques and methods of proven worth.

5. 會員必須只在能力可及並持有適當資格時實施治療技巧與療程,並轉介需求超出能力範圍的個案。

A member must only perform those techniques and procedures that are within his/her competency and for which the appropriate qualification is held, and refer those clients whose needs or requests are outside his/her competency.

6. 會員平常的執業地點必須為個案與個案記錄提供隱私與保密。

A member’s ordinary place of practice must provide privacy and confidentiality for his/her clients and their records.

7. 會員不得以任何方式利用其與客戶的關係。尤其是在專業關係期間不得與顧客發生性關係。

A member must not exploit his/her relationship with a client in any way. In particular there must not be a sexual relationship with a client during the professional relationship.

8. 執業時必須永遠保有凱龍治療®的完整性。會員的表現應期許可提升凱龍治療®的地位及促進公眾的信心。會員必須避免在公開場合或是臨床上提出任何可能造成同僚專業能力致受質疑的批評。

The integrity of the practice of Chiron Healing® must be preserved at all times. A member is expected to behave in a manner which enhances the status of Chiron Healing® and promotes public confidence. A member must refrain from criticising a colleague in public or in a clinical setting in a manner which casts doubt on the colleague’s competence.

9. 除非法律要求,會員不得透露客戶資訊,除非經過客戶特別的書面授權。

A member must not, unless required by law, divulge information about a client unless the client  specifically authorises the release in writing.

10. 會員必須適當地通知客戶任何關於特定療程的可能反應,並應獲得客戶的明確許可。

A member must adequately inform his/her clients of any possible reactions regarding a particular procedure, and the client’s informed consent should be obtained.

11. 會員必須尊重客戶的道德倫理,宗教以及政治信仰,並提供其技能與知識為同胞服務及減輕人類痛苦,無論其膚色,種族或宗教信仰。

A member must respect the ethical, religious and political beliefs of his/her clients and provide his/her skill and knowledge to serve his/her fellow man and to alleviate human suffering irrespective of colour, race, or creed.

12. 會員不得在能力受到酒精或藥物影響下提供其專業服務給客戶。

A member must not provide his/her professional services to a client whilst his/her ability to do so is impaired by the influence of alcohol or drugs.

13. 會員在經過適當的詢問後,不得僅因為對方經濟困境而拒絕提供服務。

A member must not refuse his/her services to any person, after adequate enquiry, solely because of immediate inability to pay the fee.

14. 會員不得給予任何有關凱龍治療®結果的特定保證,但是可以允許提供有自信的預期效益指標。

A member must not give any specific guarantee regarding results from Chiron Healing®, but an indication of benefit where some can be confidently expected is acceptable.

15. 會員必須以最無私的方式使用凱龍治療®的技巧,永遠不使用其能力來操控客戶,或是給予客戶過分的壓力或影響客戶的行為方式。這種行為將被視為能量誤用,並違反此守則。

A member must use Chiron Healing® skills in the most altruistic manner, never using his/her abilities to manipulate clients, or place undue pressure or influence upon a client’s course of  action. Such activity is regarded as a misuse of energy, and contrary to this code.

16. 當發生會員明顯沒有能力或信心處理的問題或狀況,或是假設客戶要求其他人的不同意見或忠告時,會員應轉介客戶給其他適當的治療師。主治的治療師應該提供任何相關資料,並清楚指示顧問治療師是否應承接繼續照顧客戶。若未接獲明確指示繼續照顧客戶,顧問治療師應執行適當的治療程序,並盡快將客戶轉介回主治治療師以便做進一步的凱龍治療。

When there is evidence of a problem or condition with which the member is not competent or confident to deal, or if the client requests a second opinion, the member should refer the patient to another appropriate practitioner. The attending practitioner should make available any relevant information and clearly indicate whether the consulting practitioner should assume continuing care of the patient. If continuing care of the patient has not been clearly indicated, the consulting practitioner should carry out the appropriate procedures,  and as soon as possible, refer the patient back to the attending practitioner for any further Chiron Healing®.

17. 會員必須具備良好的品性,並且在團體中保持優良的信譽。任何曾經在世界各地觸犯過刑事罪行,或是有過刑事紀錄者,將無資格成為本公會會員。在申請入會時,必須主動透露此類性質的事件。

A member must be of good character and have good standing within the community. Any person who has committed a criminal offence, or who has a criminal record anywhere in the world is  ineligible for professional membership of this Association. Any incident of this nature must be disclosed at the time of membership application.

18. 會員必須遵守及符合其提供凱龍治療®服務之所在地,例如州,地區,省或國家的法律和法規,並且應配合可合法監管凱龍治療®之政府當局所實施的相關活動及政策,而此種監管係不違背自然公益,公共利益或法律的公平原則。

A member must observe and comply with all laws and regulations of the State, Territory, Province or Country in which they provide Chiron Healing® services, and should co-operate with the pertinent activities and policies of the authorities legally empowered to regulate the practice of Chiron Healing®, provided such regulation is not contrary to natural justice, public interest or the equitable principles of law.


1. 任何廣告(與凱龍治療®的執業有關)絕不能有虛假、誤導、企圖誤導或欺騙,或包含任何可能使凱龍治療®聲譽受損的資訊。
Any advertising (in relation to the practice of Chiron Healing®) must not be false, misleading, deceptive, designed to mislead or deceive, or likely to bring Chiron Healing® into disrepute.

2. 未經委員會書面認可,會員不得在任何廣告中直接或間接聲稱其為專家,專業人士,領導人或顧問。
A member must not claim either directly or indirectly, in any advertisement that he/she is a specialist, or an expert, or a leader, or a consultant, without the written endorsement of the Committee.

3. 廣告中若包含任何宣稱凱龍治療®或會員可醫治或治療任何疾病的內容均為不實或誤導。
An advertisement may be considered false or misleading if it contains any claim that Chiron  Healing® or the member treats, or can cure, any disease.

4. 廣告中若有貶低其他任何專業人士或專業,或提供任何獎金,獎勵,或誘因,或者包含色情,猥褻,或違反宗教本質,或是不莊重,品味低俗或有其他令人不快,或可能傷害凱龍治療®信譽的內容,將危害凱龍治療®的聲譽。

An advertisement can be considered to bring Chiron Healing® into disrepute if it is disparaging of  any other professional or profession, offers any prize, reward or inducement, contains material of a sexual, obscene or irreligious nature, is undignified, in bad taste or otherwise offensive or likely to harm the standing of Chiron Healing®.

5. 攬客、推銷、或者任何在公開場合從事可能造成妨礙或阻擾任何市民的行為活動將視為不專業,因此不得在未經委員會許可下進行。

Canvassing or soliciting or any activity that hinders or prevents any citizen from going about their business in a public place may be deemed unprofessional and, therefore, should not be carried out without the prior approval of the Committee.

6. 本公會不允許任何未通過委員會核准之文獻或小冊子。

The Association does not support any literature or pamphlets that have not been endorsed by the Committee.

7. 從事電子媒體上的廣告,包括電視、廣播電台、影片、電影、網際網路等,均必須遵守以上規定。
Advertising on electronic media: television, radio, video, cinema, internet, should comply with the above Regulations.